What to look forward to this month:

  1. All beach fun products are 15% off.

    - Week 1: Video on beach looks, get you ready for spring vacation.

    - Week 2: All about Sugar Texturing Spray

    - Week 3: All about Hair Resort Creme

  2. Spring break giveaway!

  3. Secret announcement we have been working.

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Beach Looks all month


Week 2: Sugar Texturizing Spray

Salt spray is more dry and coarse on the hair leaving it with that gritty texture.

Sugar spray doesn’t leave you with that gritty texture, it has a more softer and conditioning effect, which feeds dehydrated strands and leaves them with a beautiful sheen.

  • About Sugar Texturizing Spray:

    • Formulated with sugar cane, anti-static properties, and flexible styling aids, the spray not only gives you loose, shiny waves, it also nourishes strands. Hair feels soft and the style stays intact even in the face of heat.

  • How to:

    • There are two ways to use this product.

      • For those who have curly/wavy hair:

        Wash your hair and spray Sugar Texturizing Spray while your hair is still wet, next take your hair dryer and diffuse the curls. If you dont have a diffuser take a towel or a shirt and wrap your hair up and let it sit for about 20 min. When you’re all done your hair is going to have the most gorgeous curls.

      • For those of us who don’t have curly hair:

        After you dry your hair take about a small to medium piece and curl your hair with a sliding motion to give you more of a beachy loose curl look. After curling all of your hair spray sugar texturizing spray and use your fingers to shake your hair.


week 3: Hair Resort Spray

Scented with essential oils like tangerine, orange blossom, and honey hair resort spray is for longer hair and will help you achieve all your beach goals

  • How to:

    • Spray Product on damp hair, once you have sprayed the product all over the hair start blowing drying the hair. We recommend flipping your head upside down to make sure those roots are being lifted when they are drying. Once the hair is completely dry you have two potions…

      1. Part your hair down the middle so you have two sections, braid each section.

      2. Take sections of your hair about 1-2 inches thick and braid them so you have about 4-5 braids all together.

    • Sprat Hair Resort again all over your braids, next you can blow dry each of the braids or sleep on the them and take them out in the morning. Once you’re done take the braids out, flip your hair over and shake your hair to break apart the waves.


Week 4: Hair Resort Cream

Hair Resort Cream helps you get that sexy beach look without having to use a curling iron.

Hair resort spray is for short hair types.

  • How to:

    • Apply Hair Resort Cream to damp hair making sure its only 70% dry, start working the product through the hair like you are going to do a high ponytail and twisting the hair into a bun then, take a scrunchie or scarf and wrap it around the bun. Once all of the product is applied to the hair and twisted up in a high bun blow dry the bun to make sure the hair is completely dry. After take the bun out use your fingers to shake the curls.