What to look forward to this month:

  1. Its breast Cancer AWARENESS Month!

    - All month long EVERY pink product is 15% off!

  2. Halloween costume ideas

    - Follow each of our stylist for a “How to” on halloween costume ideas.

    Alyssa: @alyssaallenbaugh_larouxsalon

    Caassandra: @wildhairs

    Krista: @Krista_larouxsalon

    Corina: @corina_larouxsalon

    Heidi: @Heidi_larouxsalon

    Magan: @mvigil56

    Jordyn: @hair.by_jordyn.lea


Breast Cancer awareness month!

  • All pink products are 15% off and goes to a Breast Cancer Awareness Organization.

    Use code “OCTOBER19" at checkout.