Anti-Breakage Daily Fluid SEMI DiLINO

Anti-Breakage Daily Fluid SEMI DiLINO


Item Description

Alfaparf Milano Semi Di Lino Reconstruction Anti-Breakage Daily Fluid is an anti-breakage daily restructuring fluid for damaged hair. It finalizes the reconstruction process by sealing the cuticles and creates an effective protective barrier around the hair fiber.

• Cuticle is effectively sealed.
• Hair is easier to manage.
• The hair fiber is protected on the inside and outside.
• Instantly easy to detangle.
• Fragrance of Citrus, floral, woody, musk.

• Its macromolecular structure protects the hair fiber from pollutants and heavy metals by carrying out a film-forming action.
• Gradual release of active ingredient for extraordinary long-lasting shine.
• A high-performing formula for protection of cosmetic color.
• Color is radiant and intense for longer.
• Helps to reduce the loss of color intensity.
• Combination of two exceptional active ingredients, which are essential elements to give strength and flexibility to the hair, repairing damage of the fiber, and helping keep the hair hydrated.

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