Extraordinary All-in-1 Fuid SEMI DiLINO

Extraordinary All-in-1 Fuid SEMI DiLINO


Item Description

Alfaparf Milano Semi Di Lino Diamond Extraordinary All-in-1 Fluid is a multi action leave-in fluid for normal hair. 1. gives extreme, instant shine. 2. detangles the hair. 3. helps to protect against UV rays. 4. designed to protect the cosmetic color. 5. prevents the formation of split ends. 6. controls frizz. 7. counteracts the effect of humidity. 8. seals the cuticles. 9. gives a soft and silky feel. 10. makes the hair easier to brush.

• Kind to your skin, hair and color.
• Suitable for frequent use.
• Detangles the hair, getting rid of knots.
• Prevents split ends.
• Controls brushing and makes it easier.
• Counteracts the effect of humidity.
• Seals the cuticles.
• Silk effect.
• Fragrance is citrus, floral, green, musk.

• Its macromolecular structure protects the hair fiber from pollutants and heavy metals by carrying out a film-forming action.
• Gradual release of active ingredient for extraordinary long-lasting shine.
• A high-performing formula for protection of cosmetic color.
• Color is radiant and intense for longer.
• Helps to reduce the loss of color intensity.
• The vitamin complex gives new energy to the hair fiber.
• Has antioxidant, protective and softening properties.
• Revitalizes the hair fiber.
• Gives incredible shine and radiance.

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