What to look forward to this month:

  1. All leave-in-conditioners 15% off

    - Week 1: All leave-in-conditioners 15% off

    - Week 2: All about Leave in Repair Kevin Murphy 15% off

    - Week 3: All about N4 Super Comb Prep & Protect

    - Week 4: Untangled


Week 1:

Why are leave-in-conditioners important?

  • Whenever you get out of the shower and your hair feels smooth and soft from the conditioner and then when you blow dry your hair or let it air dry, it doesn’t feel shiny or smooth anymore, that’s where your leave-in-conditioner comes in. It re-hydrates the hair so it always feels shiny and smooth.

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Item Description

Strengthens and repairs last summer’s “Too Many weekends in Rio” hair. Leave-in-conditioner is ideal for all hair types. Provides color protection and an extra does of UV protection.


Week 2:

Super Comb prep & Protect

  • How to:

    • Apply the product all over the hair, it will re-hydrate the hair and it even has a heat protectant in it that will protect it from hot tools and the sun.


Week 3:

Kevin Murphy Leave-in-Repair

  • How to:

    • Apply this product when the hair is wet and make sure you only apply on the ends of your hair.

Item Description

A nourishing leave-in treatment to repair and restore damage where it is most needed. For all hair types. Offers heat protection up to 200°F/93°C.


Item Description:

No need to tearfully tear those tangles away – allow UN.TANGLED to do all the hard work for you. Our leave-in conditioner is formulated with a complex blend of nourishing Australian Fruit Extracts that help detangle, strengthen and restore hair to sleek perfection. Added heat protection also helps guard against styling damage.


Week 4:

Kevin Murphy un.Tangled

  • How to:

    • While this product re-hydrates the hair it also gets all of those tangles out of your hair.